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This summer, we launched “Immersion Dispersion” training to help two fellow mental health organizations in other parts of our state develop trainings based on our model.

This is a way to extend “immersion training” in recovery-focused philosophy, techniques and culture to service providers throughout California’s transforming mental health system.



The MHA Village is a national training ground to help others study and replicate our model of “integrated services” – a comprehensive, coordinated approach to help people with mental illness recover and reintegrate into their communities. We train and consult with individuals, agencies and systems throughout California, across the United States and in other countries.

In 1994, we developed “immersion training” at the MHA Village as the core of our services. We help mental health professionals, system planners, people with mental illness and family members understand the Village’s service principles, learn its structure, practice its key elements and translate its approach to their own organizations.

Our training, said our past participants, provides “a wealth of information on how to shape a systemwide culture that embraces recovery,” presents “specific tools for providing individualized services” and promotes “an environment that advances growth” for people with mental illness.

MHA consults with mental health systems across the nation. As a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration “exemplary practice,” we assisted collaboratives in Kansas, Florida, Ohio, Washington D.C. and Nebraska as they replicated our approach. In other consultations, we have worked with systems in Maryland, Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, Alaska, Indiana and Arizona.


  Immersion Training
Participants spend three days at the MHA Village, where we combine education in our principles and program components with experience in working with our staff. The curriculum covers client-driven programs, multidisciplinary service teams, “menu approach” to services, collaborative psychiatry, employment approaches, social coaching strategies, ethical issues, self-help, family roles and outcomes-based evaluation.
  Immersion Training in Employment
In a two-day training at our MHA Village, participants learn a service structure that emphasizes and encourages employment services. Presented by our employment and rehabilitation staff, it covers recovery principles and practices, the MHA Village’s employment approach and the roles of staff – including case managers and psychiatrists – in assisting individuals with their employment goals. Our employment services staff pair up with trainees to give them exposure to our job development and coaching services.
  Consulting in Integrated Services
We guide mental health agencies and service systems as they investigate and implement an integrated service structure. While tailoring help to each system’s needs, we explain the integrated service model, present Village service techniques and facilitate collaboration among major stakeholders. We help design implementation plans, outline action steps, identify strategies to overcome roadblocks and train staff.
  Consulting in Employment Services
Through contracts with the California departments of Mental Health and Rehabilitation, we train organizations across our state. The “MHA Village Menu Approach – Choices for Job Development, Placement and Retention” communicates trends and techniques for helping individuals prepare for and achieve success in the work world. In the “MHA Village Approaches to Psychiatric Recovery in the Workplace,” we cover the philosophy and practical approaches for how medication collaboration, substance abuse recovery strategies, and clinical and employment staff collaboration can serve individuals’ employment goals.

Training Information

To learn more about our services, schedule an “immersion” training or talk with us about consulting, please visit our training website, or contact:

Kate MacKenney
Training Business Coordinator
100 W. Broadway, Suite 5010
Long Beach, CA 90802
562-285-1330, ext. 244

Mental Health America of Los Angeles   Administration Offices
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